Branded Title Cars

What Is a Branded Title Car

A "Branded Title" means the vehicles has experienced some level of damage due to a hail, theft , collision, flood or fire. In this case, state agency designates the "branded" title to the vehicle's documents. A branded title, in Utah is considered rebuilt and restored and must pass all safety requirements. These vehicles are sold at insurance auctions and repaired in our own auto body shop or at one of our certified repair facilities. 

Branded Title Car

At TJ Chapman Auto, the majority of our inventory is branded title vehicles, simply because we can Save You Thousands of Dollars on a vehicle. Get more options, more luxury, more of everything for a lower price, and yes you can purchase a warranty still for less than you would pay for the same vehicle at other dealerships.

You need to pay attention to the following tips when you buy a branded title car.
  • First, you need to have knowledge of the vehicles history. Almost half of the vehicles sold have some certain damage, however you can only have access to the used car report from CarFax and Autocheck, who only have access to public records. This means if a vehicle has accident history and was repaired privately, there is no official record of the damage.

  • Be confident in the dealership you are buying from! Choosing a good dealership is very important, especially when you consider buying a branded title car. Branded title cars are sold through insurance auctions because of many reasons, such as theft recovery, water or hail damage. After all the repairs have been done we complete a rigid 150 point inspection to ensure that all repairs meet manufacture standards.  The vehicle also must pass a safety inspection in the state of Utah. Our advantage is that we will provide a thorough 150 point inspection by our ASE/Gold Certified Master Technicians. The inspection process can ensure you have a complete picture of the car you are buying. We can supply you with the 150 inspection report and safety inspection. You may also as talk with our Senior Gold certified mechanic. Just ask, it's that simple!

At TJ Chapman Auto, branded title vehicles allow you to a own a new car and save you a lot of money at the same time.  Bottom line: Save thousands on a vehicle that you thought you could never afford, and rest easy because most of our vehicles qualify for the Peace of Mind warranty.

Please check out our YouTube channel where we do live "walk around" videos of our vehicles and explain the history, repairs, features, benefits and savings! Take a look below at some of the branded title cars we've sold. Which may educate you on how buying a branded title vehicle can save you money and you can drive the car of your dreams without the sticker shock.

Contact us at 801.871.8462 if you are interested. We can answer your questions.

2013 Audi S5

This vehicle was next to a car that was on fire. There was minor fire damage on the left front fender and bumper. This vehicle is sold for $21,995. The clean retail value is $31,650, a savings of $9,655!

2015 Cadillac XTS

This vehicle was in an accident and had damage on the right rear quarter panel. No airbags deployed. The NADA clean retail value on this vehicle is $28,375 and sold for $19,551, a savings of $8,824! The gentleman that purchased this vehicle lives in California and bought his wife our 2014 Cadillac CTS Coupe! The Coupe's clean retail value is $25,675 and it sold for $16,051. a savings of $9,624!

2007 Lexus ES350

This vehicle was in an accident. The damage occurred primarily on the right front fender. No airbags deployed. The clean retail value on this vehicle is $14,912 and it sold for $9,495, a savings of $5,417!

2015 Toyota Rav4

This vehicle had right front end damage, airbags were deployed. When airbags are deployed they are replaced and the vehicle must pass a safety inspection to ensure your protection. All airbags are OEM (original equipment manufacture). This vehicle's clean retail NADA value is $25,200 and sold for $17,495, a savings of $7,705!

2016 Nissan Maxima S

This vehicle was involved in an accident involving the left rear quarter panel and left front nose. Airbags did not deploy. The clean NADA value is $29,325 and it sold for $19,495, a savings of $9,830!

2014 Infiniti Q50 3.7 Premium

This vehicle was in a flood. The before picture indicates the water level. This vehicle's clean retail NADA book values at $29,050  and sold for $15,255, a savings of $13,795!