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TJ Chapman Auto is a one-of-a-kind used car dealership in Salt Lake City that gives top notch customer service, the lowest prices in the country (seriously, we challenge you to find a better price), and a no hassle approach. We ship vehicles all over the country because we have Top Quality vehicles at Rock Bottom Prices! We primarily specialize in "branded" vehicles. If you are considering buying a used car with a branded title you need to know the history of the vehicle and be confident in the dealership you are buying from! On average 30-50% of vehicles sold have some history of damage. However, CarFax and Autocheck are only allowed access to public records, which means if a vehicle was repaired privately there is no record of the damage. The vehicle you are driving now may have a "clean title" and still have been in an accident and you may NOT be aware of it! Here, we provide clean title used cars for sale and rebuilt title cars for sale, meeting all your needs.

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150 Point Inspection Service by Third Party

Since the majority of used cars we sell are "branded," which means they have generally been sold through insurance auctions for many reasons, which include, theft recovery, collision, water or hail damage. To ensure confidence we have hired a third-party company to inspect our vehicles. 

Peace of Mind Warranty

Save thousands on a vehicle that you thought you could never afford, and rest easily because most of our vehicles qualify for the Peace of Mind warranty.

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