Out of State Buyers Look Here

Fly In, Drive Home or Have it Shipped!

At TJ Chapman Auto we offer top quality vehicles at rock bottom prices. We are your trusted source of rebuilt vehicles and have customers from all over the country fly in to purchase our quality cars. We can also help have your vehicle shipped directly to you and provide an independent 3rd party inspection to bring you peace of mind on the quality of your purchase. Contact us for more information at 801.456.9710.

Out of State? Here are some simple steps to purchasing your vehicle:


  1. After choosing your car online and completing the financial arrangements, fly into the SLC International airpoort (make sure you send us your intinerary beforehand).
  2. We will have someone pick you up curbside for a short 6 mile drive to the dealership.
  3. Once you are here you can take your new vehicle for a test drive to get a feel for how your new car looks and drives.
  4. Meet with our sales and finance departement to finalize the details.
  5. Sign and complete the paperwork and drive away. We keep the process simple and stress free.
  6. If you would like your vehicle shipped to your address please contact a sales representative to complete the pricing and process. (Vehicles usually ship within 5-7 business days of purchase).

Whether you are a buyer from Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, California or all the way from Maine or Florida - TJ Chapman Auto has you covered. We sell many vhicles each year to someone like yourself who doesn't live here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check out our latest reviews from our out of state buyers.

Out of State Buyer Reviews

Great quality and unvelievable prices!
by David from Houston, TX
August 12, 2017
"Just got a great car for a steal of a price. These guys do great work and help to make the world of online (virtually sight unseen) car buying really easy. I was originally nervous about purchasing a Branded title car, but read the reviews! These guys restore these vehicles to showroom quality! I highly recommend giving them a try and save yourself a load of money!"

Matt M from Burbank
June 6, 2017 (please refer to cars.com to read the full review)
"....If you'r reading this, you may feel the same way I did, which is to stay away from a salvaged vehicle like the plague because god only knows if you're walking headlong into a Money-pit. But listen to me, the transparency that TJCA provides is absolutely out of this world amazing. Where other dealers that had salvaged vehicles would skirt around my questions (or eventually stop responding to my question altogether), TJCA was the total opposite. I went so far as to find TJ himself on Facebook (not just the business page but his person one), which he accepted, and what I learned was he is a family guy, his mother works at the dealership and actually picked me up from the airport...I've never had such a great experience from initial inquiry to purchase when buying a vehicle, and I've had both good and bad experiences in the past. This not only smoked the bad experiences, but smoked the GOOD ones too! Absolutely exceptional beyond measure. I'm serious. I rarely write reviews for ANYTHING, and if I ever do, it's for exceptionally good or bad service. And I've certainly never written one this long! But they deserve it. I'm literally telling anyone I know that is in the market for a vehicle to give TJ Chapman Auto a fair shot. They are, in my humble opinion, what America is all about...It's about honesty, fairness, caring about the customer and total Transparency...My Jeep is killer.

Dave Cutler
2 months ago-
"Because the buying experience was flawless (about an hour total - unheard of). The price was incredibly low (because he is trying to gain market-share), and the repair work perfect. He was up-front about all repairs and vehicle condition. Strongly recommend.

Unicorn Cupcake
2 months ago-
"I had such a good experience here! TJ and Lori and Daniel were both so helpful and friendly! got me a beautiful truck at a great price, and they made the process so easy on my part. It had a rebuilt tile, but my mechanic brother did a thorough inspection and a test drive and said it was "perfect" (his words). By far the best deal! I found anywhere, and was so happy to purchase from such great people!"

We have several other happy, satisfied customers from all over the country. Just click into our reviews and see for yourself!